Some families pass stories down through the generations. Not ours.

Our family secret is embedded in the braids of the challah you’re about to eat. Growing up, my family didn’t just believe in passing down stories. We focused on what we baked, believing it would bring us closer together. Over the centuries, our challah has been the focal point of family dinnersand relaxing breakfasts — and now it’s time to share it with you.

By only using honest ingredients, we’re baking for a new generation. We believe that keeping things simple and clean makes for a better eating experience. The dough is flavorful, the braiding rich, and the final product is worth sharing. Whether you make it French, dressed up or just with some jam,or as the reason to have a meal, we’re taking challah into the 21st century. It’s time to break bread with new friends, new families, and create new memories.

And to that we say, challah-lujah.



Born and raised in Brooklyn, I spent my childhood baking challah with my grandmother every week. She taught me more than just the recipe — each strand of dough represents an element of life braided together. And when Friday night rolled out, I looked forward to the entire family getting together to enjoy the challah that we had baked.

Years later we were at the grocery store together. There I saw challah sitting on the shelf. But it did not look like our challah — it was not the delicious, wholesome kind I would make and eat as a kid.I decided to take our tradition and bake it for a new generation. And that's how JackBakes was born. With honest ingredients and a connection to the family recipes handed down over the generations, I am preserving a culinary legacy and creating authentic baked goods for all to enjoy.